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Mortgage Funds

For Investors Seeking Current Income

All of our mortgages are secured by tangible assets such as land, home, and entitlements.  We conduct thorough analysis and due diligence on all potential sites and homes before they are added to the Mainstay portfolio. All property taxes and insurance fees are escrowed when the mortgage is originated so there are no surprises for the investor. Our properties are all located in Florida and investors are able to visit the properties prior to investing if so desired.

Throughout our company history, we have continued to strengthen and refine our analysis process. These comprehensive evaluations and stringent underwriting requirements have allowed us to make solid investment decisions, and consistently deliver for our investors, even during turbulent financial times.

By investing with Mainstay, you receive a fixed return throughout the life of the investment with monthly distributions.

For more information on current rates, please call or email us to discuss how we can help you meet your investment goals.